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Thursday, September 20, 2012

Deal Alert: Battlefield Games for 10 Bucks

Battlefield turns 10 this year, and today in particular marks the 10-year anniversary of Battlefield 1942's release in Europe. To celebrate, the Origin store has a bunch of BF games available for $10.

Image source: Origin

For something like Battlefield 3, this is great - you're getting a popular, modern shooter for 10 bucks. Some of the rest of the deals make me wonder, though.

The Digital Deluxe edition of Bad Company 2 is available for $10 and includes BC2 and the Vietnam expansion. For the same $10, you can also get the vanilla Bad Company 2 or the Vietnam expansion separately. Forgive me for saying that this pricing is as stupid as it is cute.

Rounding out the sale are BF 2142 Deluxe and BF2 Complete with each available for, you guessed it, $10.

The value of some of these games is questionable, as a lot of them don't contain single-player campaigns and multiplayer may or may not be very populated. The Steam statistics page shows Bad Company 2 as having 700-1000 concurrent users, while Xfire shows Battlefield 3, Battlefield 2, and Bad Company 2 as the 8th, 35th, and 46th-most-popular games, respectively. As a reminder, these numbers depict both single-player and multi-player gameplay and don't represent the total number of users, but they offer pretty decent view of a game's activity level.

The deal is good until tomorrow morning, so make sure to grab everything tonight if you're interested. Check out the sale on Origin here.


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