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Thursday, September 27, 2012

Deals: Sleeping Dogs, Homefront, Total War, BF3 (updated)

This weekend is shaping up to be a good one, though maybe not for your wallet.

  • Sleeping Dogs for $30 - GameStop, Amazon

    Sleeping Dogs has been steadily dropping in price as of late and I feel like this one might be sub-$20 by the time the holiday sales come around. I'm definitely going to pick this up at some point, but now might not be the time if you've got a gigantic gaming backlog like I do.

  • Homefront Ultimate Edition for $6.24 - Gamersgate

    I think I might finally bite the bullet and pick up Homefront. The reviews weren't great and the campaign is supposed to be legendarily short, but for 6 bucks the price is right. It costs 15 bucks to see a 2-hour movie nowadays, so $6 for a 4-hour campaign with some multiplayer thrown in doesn't seem that awful.

  • Total War Weekend - Steam

    Steam's latest weekend sale features the Total War franchise. Today's deal has Rome Total War available for a buck, and a new deal is promised each day. This is definitely a good opportunity to introduce yourself to or get reacquainted with the series.

  • Modern Warfare 3 Free Weekend - Steam

    MW3's multiplayer mode is free to play on Steam until Sunday afternoon and the game is on sale for $30 throughout the weekend. This is a decidedly awful deal on a game that's a year old and likely to become irrelevant on November 13th when Black Ops 2 is released. Still, free is free, and it's worth a download to reaffirm the fact that they're still selling us CoD 4 for $60 every year.

  • Battlefield 3 for $10 - GameStop

    In contrast to the terrible MW3 deal above, this BF3 deal for 10 bucks is pretty solid. I'm a little confused as to when the deal actually becomes active - the countdown timer points to 2am EST, but there's a statement on the page that references 12pm Central. Whenever this actually goes live, it's worth picking up.


  • Binding of Isaac for $1.24 - Steam

    According to the game's Steam page, The Binding of Isaac is a "randomly generated action RPG shooter with heavy Rogue-like elements." Similar to Super Meat Boy, the game is incredibly difficult. I'm not a gigantic fan of the game's randomly-generated structure, but at the same time this aspect puts The Binding of Isaac high on the replayability scale. For just over a buck it's worth checking out.


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