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Saturday, October 27, 2012

Site News and Weekend Reading: October 27th

My previous approach to posting interesting stuff to read each weekend was pretty inefficient. I'd chuck links that I deemed worthy of posting into a folder in Firefox and at the end of the week I'd sift through them. After organizing them by category I'd manually type up a formatted list - with or without descriptions depending on my mood. Posting lists of bare links didn't feel like quality content, and bullshitting a description of two lines for each saying "I really enjoyed this article" didn't exactly feel any better.

Time to try something a little different.

Last week I created a Delicious account and grabbed a Firefox addon to facilitate link grabbing. Links can be found here:

I originally got the idea to pass on links from the Penny Arcade Report's "The Cut" section, so I'll probably integrate the link feed into the sidebar at some point. Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery and all that stuff.

This change helps to eliminate some filler content from the stream of posts I'll be making. My original intent was to post something daily, but I've been slowly drifting towards a 2-3 update per week schedule. Things should settle into a M/F/W-ish schedule with random posts about deals and other newsworthy happenings thrown in.

Thanks for reading!


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