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Monday, October 15, 2012

This Week in PC Gaming: October 15th

Here's a look at some of this week's PC releases.

The third week of October looks pretty quiet, being mainly comprised of re-releases, new-to-PC console re-releases, and indie titles. Think of it as the calm before the storm: from here on out we've got a major AAA title releasing just about every week until Christmas.

Full release*
Tuesday, October 16th | $49.99 / $79.99

At first glance Rocksmith looks like another Guitar Hero clone, but you'd be wrong for assuming so. Ubisoft's take on the genre lets you use an actual guitar, meaning the game is part entertainment and part teaching tool. I can see this being a lot more useful and fun than pushing colored buttons on a plastic peripheral.

Rocksmith has been out for a year on the X360 and PS3, and we're only now seeing a PC release. Both Gamespot and IGN gave the game an 8.0 out of 10, and in both cases the "user scores" at each site (as well as on Metacritic) were higher than the scores given by critics.

One caveat: Rocksmith will be available on Steam for $50, but that doesn't include any of the peripherals required to hook your guitar up to your PC. Amazon's listing includes the game and the 1/4"-to-USB cable for $80. Obviously you'll need a guitar as well, meaning this could be an expensive investment. Better hit up Craigslist.

Reverb, 2 Dawn Games
Full release
Wednesday, October 17th | $24.99

Apparently Kickstarter dreams do come true.

Ravaged started off as a Kickstarter proposal that offered a "multiplayer vehicular FPS being developed by an indie studio that wants to make a fun game without publisher restrictions!" The description goes on to describe gameplay as follows: "Think Mad Max meets Battlefield where a group of resistance soldiers fight for humanity while scavengers look to control it all." The Kickstarter campaign raised just under $40,000 (exceeding the $15,000 goal) earlier this year, and funding was used to finalize everything and add polish.

The premise doesn't exactly scream unique and exciting - post-apocalyptic world with two opposing factions, yadda yadda yadda. With that being said, gameplay looks interesting and there seems to be a wide variety of vehicles available. Each faction offers five classes to choose from with unique weapons loadouts. Ravaged is a true PC shooter that offers dedicated server support (along with free server tools and RCON support) with game sizes ranging from 8v8 to 32v32.

While the game's $25 price tag is pretty attractive, the availability of a 4-key Clan Pack for $60 has me considering a purchase.

Doom 3 BFG Edition
Bethesda, id Software
Re-release, Compilation
Tuesday, October 16th | $29.99

2004's Doom 3 was a dark and graphically-demanding shooter. The game, a reboot of the Doom franchise, had the player controlling a space marine who found himself in the middle of a demonic invasion on Mars.

The BFG Edition is an HD remake of Doom 3 that also includes tweaks like a checkpoint save system. Bundled with the Doom 3 remake are the original Doom and Doom 2 along with the existing Doom 3 expansion and some brand new single-player levels.

$30 seems like an appropriate price for this one, and it's probably worth a purchase whether you're a fan of the series or are looking to experience it for the first time.

Other Noteworthy Releases

Note: this list is not comprehensive but should cover most major titles. Check back every Monday for a new list of PC releases.


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