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Saturday, October 13, 2012

Weekend Reading: October 13th

Here's some stuff to keep you entertained this weekend.


This week's featured gaming articles include coverage of what's arguably the current most-played game in the world (League of Legends), a couple of high-profile releases from this past week (Dishonored, XCOM: Enemy Unknown), and previews of some games on the horizon (Grid 2, Hawken, NFS Most Wanted). I feel like most of these titles are going to end up in my backlog at some point, much to the dismay of my wallet.

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Hardware and Peripherals

Nothing too extremely exciting here. I'm looking forward to the release of Intel's Haswell processors (not that my i5-2500K is anywhere close to needing replacement), though we won't see them hit the market until March or April of next year. The Samsung 840 looks pretty interesting, and SSDs with TLC NAND could provide acceptable performance on the cheap. Finally, while I was surprised to hear that Logitech finally released a mechanical keyboard, I'm not sure it's worthy of a $150 price tag. I don't know if backlighting, a wrist rest, and a numpad is worth an additional 70 bucks beyond the 80 dollars I paid for my CM QuickFire Rapid.

Everything Else

Time for the random stuff. Apparently Steven Strasburg is a fan of eSports. Apparently Sony is suing the actor who played a prominent role in much of their Playstation advertising. Apparently we might see a Battlefield Bad Company TV series. Apparently Blizzard wanted to make a Diablo for the GameBoy.

I'm confused.

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