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Thursday, September 13, 2012

Alt-Tab: Wii U Launch Announcement Ustream

Alt+Tab posts discuss things not directly related to PC gaming. Hey, it's my blog, so deal with it.

I just watched Nintendo's live-streamed Wii U launch announcement. It was entirely in Japanese. I sat there with open in Firefox, furiously converting every 4- or 5-digit number that appeared from Yen to USD.

Thankfully, the Verge/Polygon guys had a comprehensive post online about 2 minutes after the stream ended. The Wii U launches December 8th in Japan; two bundles will be offered for roughly $405 and $337.

The "Wii U GamePad" controller/tablet retails separately for ~$173; one is included with the console and (don't quote me on this) the console supports using two at the same time.

The Wii U North American launch announcement is scheduled for later this morning at 10am; it'll be interesting to see if the launch date is roughly the same or if everyone else will be waiting until the Spring.


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