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Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Game Deals (via reddit)

I found a couple of deals browsing /r/gamedeals earlier tonight that are worth sharing.

  • Amazon: 25% off non-preorder, non-new release games with promo code OCTOFUN1 (reddit link)

    I guess Amazon wants us to have fun this October, and 25% off sounds pretty good to me. This code supposedly stacks with current sales, meaning you can use it to pick up Sleeping Dogs for $22.50 or this combo pack (featuring Mirror's Edge, Bulletstorm, Burnout Paradise, Mercenaries 2, and The Saboteur) for $7.50. No word on how long the code is good for, so act quickly.

  • Toys 'R Us: Clearance games for $9.98 (reddit link)

    Looks like Toys 'R Us is making room for their holiday inventory by reducing a bunch of popular games to clearance prices. The reddit user who posted the deal stated that most deals were in-store only (SWTOR, Sims 3, MW3, SC2, Diablo 3), but Arkham City, Rage, and AC Revelations are all available online for less than 10 bucks. Almost all of these are well worth your hard-earned $10 - maybe even MW3, which I reviewed earlier today.

In addition, there was a link to a forum post at Cheap Ass Gamer by an Amazon employee. Apparently this weekend and throughout next week we'll see game deals on the FEAR and Batman franchises in addition to Vessel and Battlefield 3. No word on whether the above promo code will work during the sale - $10 for both Batman games is pretty amazing, but $7.50 would be even better.


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