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Saturday, October 6, 2012

Holiday Weekend Deals

Monday October 8th is both Columbus Day in the US and Thanksgiving in Canada. Sounds like a good excuse to slash prices on a bunch of stuff.

  • Steam Deals

    • THQ Weekend

      It's not a holiday without space marines, street gangs, and Russians. Metro 2033 is on sale for 5 bucks until 10am PDT Saturday - this game has been in the bargain bin for a while now and I highly recommend picking it up if you haven't already. I wouldn't be surprised to see Saints Row: The Third and either the Warhammer series, Darksiders, or Homefront as the daily deals Saturday and Sunday.

    • Vessel for $4.99

      Vessel looks like an interesting physics-based side-scrolling puzzler. Gameplay centers around liquids with unique properties. Seeing screenshots of the guy with a water tank on his back brings back memories of Super Mario Sunshine.

  • GameFly: BF3 and Civ 5 Sales

    • Battlefield 3 for $10

      Lately it seems like Battlefield 3 is constantly on sale for 10 bucks somewhere on the internet. It's a fun shooter with amazing graphics, though I stopped playing prior to the release of the second of five planned DLC packs. It might be worth looking for a deal on Battlefield 3 Premium if you plan on playing long-term.

    • Civ 5 for $7.49 and Civ 5 GOTY for $12.49

      Pretty solid deals here. The GOTY version for $12.49 is a steal if you're at all interested in the game as it includes "$40 of DLC" with extra scenarios and playable civilizations. This is the same price I paid during the Steam summer sale. Now to find a sale on the Gods and Kings expansion...

  • Amazon: Darksiders II for $24.99 + 25% off promo OCTOFUN1

    Amazon has the Darksiders II download listed for $25, and promo code OCTOFUN1 knocks off 25%. $18.42 is a pretty amazing price for a game that released less than two months ago.

    The promo code in question is supposedly valid until Sunday, and as I posted earlier in the week there are several other games worth picking up. As far as I know, the code is usable once per person.

  • GetGames: Saints Row The Third for $10

    As I said in my review, Saints Row: The Third is a violent and irreverent sandbox game that is just wacky enough to be entertaining. I suggested waiting until the game was sub-$10, and $9.99 is tempting despite the game's relatively short storyline.

    There's a chance this might be on sale during Steam's THQ Weekend, so you might have the option to buy from either store. The GetGames version is redeemable on Steam though, so there's no real difference.


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