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Friday, August 17, 2012

Gamescom 2012: Days 2 and 3

It seems like most of the action at Gamescom happened on Tuesday and Wednesday this week. Not much has caught my eye over the past couple of days, but there were a couple of highlights.

  • Verge/Polygon: Stolen Gamescom Divinity PCs
    This is why we can't have nice things.
  • Verge/Polygon: Anno Online screenshots
    As I said earlier in the week, I've never played any of the Anno games, but I'm always a fan of simulation and city-building games.
  • PCGB: GTX 660 Ti Review Roundup
    Nvidia unleashed the 660 Ti yesterday, and I threw together a post after reading some reviews.
  • PCGB: WoW MoP Cinematic
    Blizzard unveiled the Mists of Pandaria cinematic yesterday. I may not play WoW any more, but they do a damn good job with these things.
  • PCGB: Ubisoft Dollar Game Deals
    Ubisoft released their Steam-clone Uplay platform yesterday and are trying to pimp it out by practically giving away games. HAWX 2, From Dust, Silent Hunter 5, and Driver: San Francisco are a buck apiece til Sunday with a different game on sale daily.
  • Verge/Polygon: Dead Space 3 screenshots
    I still need to plow through my Steam backlog to get to Dead Space 1 and 2, so it might be 2014 until I get to this one.


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