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Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Two Game Combo Deals and More Deal Aggregators

First things first: GameStop has a couple of combo packs on sale featuring the Dead Space and Dragon Age franchises. The Dragon Age pack includes DA: Origins Ultimate Edition and DA2 for $10. This is a ridiculous amount of content for 10 bucks. The Dead Space pack isn't too shabby either, featuring the original game and the sequel for $10. Both combo packs require the GameStop app and as far as I know neither one will activate on Steam, though they might work with Origin.

Continuing on the subject of game deals, there was a reddit post earlier that listed a bunch of deal aggregator sites. I covered a few of these in my Where to Find Gaming Deals Online post a couple of months ago, but a few sites on the reddit list are worth adding to the rotation.

One site in particular that looks pretty solid is; it has a ton of filters that let you sift through deals in addition to price alerts and price history. Some of the game links (particularly those from GreenManGaming) don't point to the correct page, but the author of the site was actively commenting in the reddit thread and mentioned that he'd look into it.

All of these deals have ruined me. I don't know if I could bring myself to pay full price for a game ever again - not that that's a bad thing.


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