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Thursday, July 26, 2012

Where to Find Gaming Deals Online

Last night I made a post about the Steam Summer Sale and a current sale that Amazon is running throughout July.  Almost everyone knows about these major events, but sites like these have sales all the time.  I'm a cheap bastard who refuses to pay full price for most game any more - if I wait it'll be on Steam for half price in a couple of months, so unless it's something super exciting I can wait and instead play through my backlog.  Thankfully I've found a couple of useful sites that make it easy to keep track of the offerings of all of these digital download services.

Links and descriptions after the jump.

Steam Sales tracker - 

This site is pretty amazing. It combs through the Steam database and finds discounted deals. Even better, it keeps track of each item's price history and lets you know if it's a good time to buy. The lowest recorded price is listed at the left, while the current price is on the right - green means you're getting a good deal while red means you should wait for something better. A lot of the super low prices are from summer and holiday sales, so don't expect Skyrim to be $10 tomorrow. Regardless, this tracker is pretty handy for answering those "Max Payne 3 is $40; I wonder if it's ever been lower?" type of questions.

Cheapshark -

Cheapshark takes the sales tracker posted above and kicks it up a notch. This site tracks Steam, Gamer's Gate, GreenManGaming, Amazon, Gamestop, Gamefly, GoG, Origin, and Get Games all in one place. Listings are sortable by price, "deal rating," Metacritic score, etc., so it's pretty handy for keeping track of everything in one place.

Cheap Ass Gamer - 

I don't check Cheap Ass Gamer too often, but it's handy around the holidays since users usually post early copies of Black Friday flyers. There are a lot of console deals to wade through - this might be a good thing once the next-gen comes out, but I haven't touched my Wii in a couple of years - but it's still a good source of deals aimed at gamers. CAG also has a price tracker that will notify you of price drops.

LogicBuy - 

Tom's Hardware posts a list of deals each day that are compiled by LogicBuy - for example, here is the list for July 26th. The site does a pretty good job of directing you to the right page for each item and pops up a window telling you of any applicable promo codes that you would need to use.

SlickDeals - 

SlickDeals is another deal aggregator that lists the best deals from all over the 'net. You can use this site for a lot more than just gaming deals.

Individual Site Email Lists 

This might seem obvious, but if you're not on the mailing list for sites like Amazon, Newegg, etc., you're going to miss out on a lot of deals.  Newegg sends out "Shell Shocker" deals every morning around 4am (5 deals that run throughout the day) and it seems like I get an email every weekend about some promotional sale on every site I'm subscribed to.  A lot of these aren't gamer-specific, but being the cheap bastard I am I like to get notified about all kinds of deals.

If you've got any other sources for the best deals around feel free to post them in the comments.

Updated: -

Not sure how I hadn't heard of this before. This subreddit is a user-generated list that collects the best deals around.


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